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Neighborhood Frequently Asked Questions

Over the months we have gathered frequently asked questions and gathered the answers below.  We hoped to be as complete as practical and as accurate as possible.

Please feel free drop us a line with comments, improved answers or corrections [click here].





Can we use the clubhouse or pool for social functions, and how is this handled?

Yes!  Any of us within the neighborhood can reserve the pool or clubhouse within the limits rules and regulations for the Pool and Clubhouse.  Please click on the Event Calendar menu item and follow instructions!  Enjoy!


What is our neighborhood police jurisdiction?

Russlen Farms and its asspciated developments are within Roanoke County police jurisdiction, not City of Salem.  Your 911 EMergency Calls will be directed to them


What are good contact numbers for Roanoke County Police

These are best found on the Roanoke County Police Website [clickable link], but here are a few key numbers:

Animal Control (540) 777-8606
Chief's Office (540) 777-8601
Communication's Center (540) 562-3265
Crime Analysis (540) 777-8615
Crime Prevention (540) 777-8651
Criminal Investigations (540) 777-8641
Evidence Vault/Property (540) 777-8616
Fraud Unit (540) 777-8641
Professional Standards (540) 777-8644
Records (540) 777-8605
School Resource (540) 777-8647
Uniform Supervisor (540) 777-8652
Vice Unit (540) 777-8624
Warrants (540) 777-8617




How is trash collection service handled?

Our neighborhood is served by Roanoke County - loose trash is picked up biweekly at curbside.  The guidelines and rules and schedules can be found at the Roanoke County Trash Collection website: Click Here!


Our trash bin really needs cleaning - are there services avaiable to help with that?


Some neighbors have contacted this independent local business:

Check their latest prices, but county bins are listed on their website at $7.00 each



How is road snow removal handled?

In the past, VDOT has pushed some of the completed streets in Russlen Farms.  The problem has always been that the secondary roads in Woodbridge and Russlen are so far down the priority list, they were always late in getting cleared. 

 Our builder [Graham-Thomas] has always been responsible to remove snow from the roads in the unfinished parts of the subdivison [whose roads are yet unpaved].

Also in the past, our builders have typically cleaned off the rest of the  the roads in the subdivision themselves (or had someone do it for them) in an effort to provide a quicker, more responsive removal of the snow.  This is a practice that Mr Thomas has said will continue to provide as well. 

The December of 2009 snowfall was a unique situation - over 16 inches fell!  The sheer volume of snow on the roads was huge!.  It was our builders that had their equipment working in the subdivision immediately after the snow stopped.  They also [at their expense] arranged for a private subcontractor to assist as well. 

Mr. Thomas has said this will be their standard practice going forward.  To better prepare Graham-Thomas has actually  purchased additional snow removal equipment themselves, not at the expense of the Homeowner's association.

Normal snowfalls have not been a problem and we do not think they will be in the future.  However, please be patient! If we get another 16” event it will take time to deal with an event of this magnitude.   We think that the response will be better,  but we will be relying strictly on our builder's own resources to improve the response time.  VDOT will not plow the secondary roads in Woodbridge and Russlen until the primary roads are clear.  It is our builder's goal to have the roads in Russlen plowed before VDOT even gets to Woodbridge. 

Here are a couple of guidlines:

  • for snowfalls of 3 inches or less - clearing efforts will be more strategic - perhpaps on sharper hills
  • For any predicted heavy snowfalls, please make every effort to move your vehicles off the street to make room for the snow removing equipment.



We want to make some changes to our home - do I need to have them reviewed by the neighborhood advisory committee?

Yes, please fill out the form under documents.


What are the safety provisions and features of the Clubhouse Pool?

  • The pool is inspected each year by the Health Department prior to it being opened to insure that all state requirements are fulfilled. 
  • The child safety drain covers were installed prior to the pool being opened last year (2009) as required by the State. 
  • There are two (2) life rings by the pool.  One (1) is located on each side of the pool.  There is also a “shepherd’s crook” (hook) for retrieving/assisting a person to the side from the pool deck.  It is located on the street side of the pool on the fence. 
  • The depth of the pool is such that an adult should be able to walk in the pool and help anyone in need of assistance. 
  • There are no lifeguards for the pool.  The safety of children is the responsibility of the parents.  Any time anyone is at the pool, they should be aware of all children in the pool.  Signs are posted all around the pool stating, “No Lifeguards on Duty”.  
  • There are also signs posted explaining the rules of the pool. 
  • There are no safety features in the pool control room that are accessible to the public, or that need to be accessible to the public. 
  • There is a telephone outside by the clubhouse door in case of an emergency. 
  • The pool operator checks the pool daily for the proper chemical levels and services it as required as stated in the contract with the pool operator.  Any “accidents” in the pool are handled in accordance with the regulations of the State Health Department.