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Russlen Farms Homeowner's Association [HOA]


Home Owners Association


The Russlen Farms Home Owners Association exists for the betterment of its residents. Guidelines, rules regulations and covenants are for enhancing community endeavors, protecting property values, maintaining the beauty of the natural environment, providing safety and security and upholding those conditions which enable residents to enjoy a sense of well being.

For Association Meeting Minutes, use the Documents page from the Menu on the left

Board of Directors:
Bradley G. Graham -
Joe Thomas Jr. -
Jeffrey Dorsey -

Architectural Control Committee:
Julie Arthur -
Jeffrey Dorsey -
Bradley G. Graham -
Joe Thomas Jr.-

Advisory Committee:
Julie Arthur -

Susan Eversole -
Jon Hager -
Catherine Wheeler -
Dan Sebolt -

Kelly Wininger
Melissa Ermel
Emily Pitts

Neighborhood Watch:
If you are interested in helping out the community, please contact the Advisory Committee


Property Contact:
   Nancy Hawkins -
    Murray Realty Inc
     4519 Brambleton Ave, Suite 200
     Roanoke, VA 24018 



Homeowner's Dues

You may pay your HOA dues annually, quarterly
or monthly.

·    The annual due date is Jan 1, each year.

·    Quarterly due dates January 1st,
       April 1st, July 1st, and October 1st.

·    Monthly - due on the first of each month.

Payments received after the tenth will be con-
sidered late and a $10 late fee might apply.  

Dues Mailing Address: 
         Russlen Farms HOA

         Murray Realty Inc
        4519 Brambleton Ave, Ste 200
         Roanoke, VA 24018 


Home Improvements

For the common good, the Conditions, Covenants and Restrictions (CC&Rs) governing the Russlen Farms community stipulate that the Architectural Control Committee shall review and approve all home improvements and replacements. Before initiating any construction, additions, fences, major landscaping, etc., approval of the committee is required.

Please print and complete the application form, attach your drawings and specifications in duplicate, and submit to the committee for review and approval. Please use the documents section of the site [menu item on left] to download and print the application for modification form. All Improvements require an Application for Modification form. 

Please send your plans via postal mail or scanned and sent via email and completed form to our HOA leader, Lorie Murray at the Murray Realty address above.

As an owner you also have the responsibility to comply with all the applicable building permitting laws, ordinances and regulations connected with the improvements.

Please allow 30 days for the ACC to review applications.