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Event Facilities Reservations And Facility Guidelines & Rules



Event Facilities Reservations, Facility Guidelines & Rules


REPORT ANY VIOLATIONS OR CONCERNS TO   Murray Realty – 540-613-8787

Emergency Number after hours or on weekends      540-265-8032

Report anyone in the pool or facility after open hours to Police. 
This is Trespassing!

 HOURS:  Residents are allowed access to the pool & clubhouse during these hours:

         POOL:                  Sunday through Thursday – 6:00 A.M. until 9.00 P.M.

                                                 Friday and Saturday – 6:00 A.M. until 10:00 P.M.

         CLUBHOUSE:      Monday through Sunday – 5:00 A.M. until 10:00 P.M.



ACCESS CARDSThe facilities are for owners and their guests only. Residents will be required to use a card reader to gain access to the pool and Clubhouse.

  • Each household will be issued one card.
  • Lost / non-functioning cards for replacement for a household will be billed at $50.00.
  • If you share your access card with someone who is not a Russlen Farms owner, you may have your own privileges suspended.
  • If you want to take guests you must be with them.
  • The number of guests each owner / household is allowed is four (4).
GUESTS:  The Board of Directors reserves the right to restrict or limit “permanent guests”.

YOUNG PEOPLE AND THE POOL & CLUBHOUSE   Anyone under 16 years of age is not allowed in the pool and or clubhouse area unless accompanied by an adult resident or authorized guardian. That person must be over 21. Never leave children unattended.

EXERCISE ROOMChildren under the age of 16 years are not allowed to use the exercise facilities under any circumstances.  NO EXCEPTIONS!

NO LIFEGUARD IS ON DUTY AT ANY TIME:  All residents and guests use the pool area at their own risk.  Please be aware that swimming alone is never a good idea.

PETS: No pets are permitted in the clubhouse or pool area.

CONDUCT:   No running, diving, or improper conduct is permitted.

Dry off before entering the clubhouse.

RADIOS:  Portable radios, MP3 players and other electronic equipment are permitted as long as ear-phones are used.

GLASS:  No glass containers are permitted in the pool area.

NO SMOKING:  No smoking is allowed in the clubhouse or pool area at any time.

LITTER & DAMAGE:  Pool & clubhouse users are asked to remove all litter when leaving.   Individuals found littering or abusing the pool or clubhouse will be billed for the costs of cleaning and repairing damage.

Dirty diapers CANNOT be left in any trash receptacle in the pool, playground or community center areas. Take them home!

  • All trash must be deposited securely in the trash cans.  Be sure your trash goes inside the bag.
  • Keep all food off the pool deck.  Absolutely no food allowed near or in the water.
  • This also helps keep the bees and ants away.
  • If a trash can is full, please pull the bag, tied it off, place it in the large county can and place a new bag in the can.


Swimming is not permitted when there is thunder or lightning observed or within 15 minutes afterward.

A first aid kit is located in the workout area.

Parking along the main road is dangerous since children cannot be easily seen between vehicles.  Please do not park between the No Parking Signs that are been positioned along the main road beside the pool. 

Owners should park in the marked areas of the community center parking lot, or a non-restricted place along the street.  [EXCEPTION:  VEHICLES WITH HANDICAPPED PLATE OR ID]

Use the bike rack in the parking lot for the bicycles.

Owners who park in the restricted area may receive a warning note.  Subsequent violations could result in towing at owner’s expense.

CLOTHING:   Only proper swimwear is allowed (positively no cut-offs).   • 

POOL SANITARY CONCERNS   All non-potty trained children must wear rubber pants.  Any clean-up costs associated with an “accident” where this policy is not followed will be charged to the violating party.  In case of diaper or sanitary “accidents” please call Murray Realty at 540-613-8787 or 540-265-8032 after hours or on weekends immediately and clear the pool.

FAILURE TO COMPLY and ENFORCEMENT   The Homeowners Association Board of Directors grants authority to enforce pool and clubhouse rules to (a) Property Managers, (b) Members of the Board of Directors (c) Members of the Advisory Committee.  Anyone asked to leave the pool area for violation of rules will have pool privileges temporarily suspended until the next scheduled Board of Directors meeting, at which time such incident(s) will be reviewed. The Board’s decision on penalties will be final.

Violators of the above rules can be banned from the clubhouse & pool.



    1. Ten (10) people constitute a party and thus would require a reservation.  Twenty (20) people is the maximum number for any party including sponsors and chaperones.
    2. Party reservations must be arranged by an adult resident two (2) weeks in advance.
    3. Any resident planning any party must reserve the pool or clubhouse by using the website form, which will send your info to
    4. After August 1, 2014, Murray Realty will be responsible for placing reservations on the community calendar. An email will be sent automatically to Murray Realty, phone 540-613-8787, for billing purposes.  You may always call Megan Wright directly with any concerns.
    5. A $25 Fee will be charged for parties at the pool or in the clubhouse.  If you reserve both facilities, the fee is $50. Murray Realty will review the community website calendar at the end of the month and bill the owners who used the facilities that month.  If the fee is not paid, it will be treated just like dues not being paid, and pool and your clubhouse access may be deactivated. In order to receive a new card, you will have to pay $50.00 replacement card fee, and any future reservations must be paid in advance.
    6. If an event is cancelled via an email request to, and only if a confirmation of cancellation is sent & received before month end, then no invoice will be sent.
    7. Any damage or extra clean up is the responsibility of the person scheduling the event.
    8. The person scheduling the event agrees to hold the HOA and facility harmless for any injuries that may take place during the event.  The person scheduling the event acknowledges they understand there is no lifeguard present at the pool.
    9. The owner who hosts a party of any type must be present during the entire event and are responsible for the conduct of their guests.
    10. You may always contact Murray Realty at 366-7771 directly with any concerns.


      1. Pool parties are limited to 3 hours including setup and cleanup.
      2. MONDAY – FRIDAY  can be reserved any time period when the facility is open
      3. SATURDAY & SUNDAY – can be reserved only after 4:00 PM – this gives regular use homeowners the proper preference
      4. HOLIDAYS:  No party reservations for Memorial day weekend [Friday-Monday], July 4, Labor Day Weekend [Friday-Monday]
      5. A deposit fee is not required but understand you are responsible for any damages caused by your family or guests.
      6. Parties for anyone under 21 years must be supervised by the adult who reserved the facility.
      7. No alcoholic beverages are allowed on premises at parties which include individuals under the age of 21.
      8. Only one party will be permitted at a time.
      9. Remove all your own trash from your own party. Bags are available in the clubhouse.  After bagging, remove your trash from the premises.  
      10. Reserving the pool for a private party does not exclude other residents/guests from using the pool at the same time.
      11. Clean up your area when you leave.  Pick up all your toys, towels, etc.  Items found at the next clean-up day will be disposed of.  If you have moved tables and chairs, put them back where you got them.


      1. Clubhouse parties will have a 5 hour maximum time limit, including setup and cleanup.
      2. No decorations are to be attached to the walls or trim by any means
      3. Bag all your own trash from your own party.  Trash Bags are available in the clubhouse.  After bagging, remove your trash from the premises. 
      4. Replacement bags are available in the exercise area and upstairs in the clubhouse
      5. Be sure all doors are closed when you enter or exit the building or pool.
      6. Turn off all lights if you are the last to leave.
      7. BUSINESS PARTIES   Due to exposing the Neighborhood to public access regulations and other liabilities, business parties [like handbag parties, and the like] may not be scheduled in the clubhouse or pool.


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