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Russlen Farms Neighborhood Documents

A place to look

Wonder where you can find the last Homeowner's Association Meeting notes?  Or the Latest Newletters?  Look no farther!  Use the links below.  If any docs appear to be out of date, or if you need a doc that is not listed, please contact the Communication Team by clicking here.


A place to update your info

Has your phone or email changed or do you have an additional email where you want to be reached in addition to the emails you have listed?  Are you new to the neighborhood and want to be included in emailings, newsletters, and meeting notices?

Please use the information update form by clicking on UPDATE menu link on the left, click "SUBMIT", and you are all set!

Note that some of the documents and newsletters require Adobe Acrobat Reader if you need to load the latest please click on the link icon below.


Homeowner's Association Documents

HOA Meetings

     2008 Minutes
     2009 Minutes
     2010 Minutes
     2011 Minutes
     2012 Minutes
     2013 Minutes
     2014 Minutes                                                           2015 Minutes

HOA Incorpration & Covenants

       Link to Builder Site for Documents


Neighborhood Newsletters

2009 Newsletters

   December - Holiday

2010 Newsletters

   February 2010
    April 2010
     July 2010
      Oct 2010

2011 Newsletters

     April 2011
     October 2011

2012 Newsletters

     March 2012
     October 2012
2013 Newsletters 
 May 2013